Josh Harrison graduated from his Part-1 RIBA degree in 2013, he is currently working as a RIBA Part-1 Architectural Assistant in Clerkenwell, London.



Josh Harrison is an architectural graduate who after 3 years at London South Bank School of Architecture, then practiced for one year at Harper Downie Architects in Farringdon, London. He has worked on various commercial and residential projects. Whilst working with Harper Downie this encompassed a luxury villa, retail and public space complex adjoining the Adriatic Sea, with a budget of circa £.4bn. Simultaneous to this he worked on a multitude of hotel projects based in London for the Z-Hotels group, as well as various other residential projects in collaboration with IPSUS, amongst other parties.

Regarding his private projects, existing budgets range from £90,000 up to £250,000. Most recently he gained planning permission for a 36sq/m subterranean extension, which was designed to take high earth loads from an adjoining garden on a 12° slope. The technical design solution was reached through the design of a complex retaining wall structure created in close collaboration with the structural engineers. This proposal also incorporated a brown roof which was designed to accommodate the family with their two children and assist the architectural design in a contextual environment which presented various constraints. Currently Josh is designing schemes for three private clients, all of which are residential projects. These include a second floor extension designed to be integrated with a 1902 property, and two new build houses, one of which incorporates a fully glazed curtain wall and red cedar timber soleil to tackle solar gain.

Josh is also the founder and owner of Transformis Limited and a co-founder of Brand Owls Limited. These two companies reflect part of his desire to achieve great design whilst exploring technological innovation through the creation of exciting brands.

Josh continues on his current trajectory; effectively running and expanding the two businesses, becoming an ARB registered Architect, and subsequently bringing the three individual arms of his commercial activities, together into one Umbrella Company. He currently resides in North London with his partner Theodora.

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Coriander, Chives, Parsley & Basil...

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Architecture Jokes

"Everyone is an Architect until there is a problem, then the Architect's to blame!"


"The architect changed the window panes a few times until he realised he had a crack in his glasses."


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Josh & Theodora's Herb Garden

So on Christmas day, me and my partner Theodora, decided to grow our own fresh herbs.
Scroll down to see their progress as we update the page with regular pictures.

Christmas Eve - day one


Day six

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Day eight


Day ten


Day fourteen


Day twenty-five



Day thirty



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Architecture of the USSR - IM Advent Security website

Below, or after the jump, is a short piece I wrote as a blog entry for the security firm specialising in Architectural security solutions for the public and private sector.



IJN Yamato scale model

This is a sculptural piece consisting of a handmade IJN Yamato (many hours of blood, sweat and graft) which forms the main element of a comedic composition.


Year 1 residential house featured on the AJ Notebook website

This was the first residential home I designed at Architecture school, was nice to see it published on AJ notebook.


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